Friday, July 26, 2013


I had to say goodbye to 5 of my students.  They are transitioning back to their school district.  It's what we, as teachers, want when they start coming to this school, but sometimes it just sucks to see them go.  One of my favs is going back to his district.  We kept telling him that we would miss him and hugged him goodbye.  I don't think it hit him, what was going on, until he got on the bus, and then he started to cry.  Breaks my heart.  Sometimes, I hate my job, but for the most part, it's a pretty good gig.  It makes me feel like all the hard work is worth it when a parent, who will be moving to Boston, says, "I wish we could take you with us!"  Yep, that's all the validation I need to keep plugging along.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

True Story...

I wanted to do this on a Monday, so I could call it "Memory Lane Monday". Catchy, eh?! But, I didn't get around to it yesterday.

Here goes this very true story. (This really did happen, Shannon!)

When I was a kid, our summer vacations consisted of heading to Downtown Salt Lake and spending 4 days, 3 nights at the glorious Holiday Inn. My mom got a poolside room, so that she could still stay in her room and read, but kindof keep on eye on us. We were fish during those times. I don't think I ever remember wearing pants. It seemed like we lived in our bathing suits. We, also, befriended anyone that came to swim in the pool, sit in the hot tub(do I have a great Holiday Inn hot tub story, but that is for later), play mini golf or shuffle board. No one was a stranger to the Keeney Kids and especially my little sister and me. One particular summer, I was hanging out in the pool, all by myself, when who should come into the water, but the girls from THE FACTS OF LIFE!! No joke. (I was probably about 8yrs old and loved the Facts of Life). I remember thinking that they were the coolest. So, somehow I began a conversation with these ladies and I am pretty sure we became fast friends. We became such good friends that they taught me how to do the back float. Yep, the Facts of Life girls taught Megan Keeney how to back float. What is cooler than that? Ok, maybe at 38 I can find a lot more the Rock teaching me the back float etc. I digress. But, it was a magical moment and one that I won't ever forget. Of course, when I told my siblings they didn't believe me. To this day, they still don't. Why would the FOL girls be in SLC? Why wouldn't they? Anyway, I know in my heart what is true, but you can believe what you want.

Friday, May 31, 2013

What's up??

So, It has been a very very long time since I have blogged.  I think the four readers that read this are super sad.  Well, this one is for you.  Here is a little run down of what I have been doing over the last few months or so..
M brother graduated from Weber State University.  He invited his sisters.  They may have been a big mistake.  I made this cool shirt to wear, Heather made a poster, and Shannon yelled his name in a really loud, scary voice.  We had way too much fun cheering for him.  I sure hope he goes on to get his Masters and invites us to that, as well.  Three Cheers for Michael!  I am proud of him.
Yesterday, I took my cute class to Tracy Aviary.  I wish I could show you a pic of them, but I can't.  They are all super cute.  We had so much fun checking out the birds.  My favorite was this cute little mint green one. We then had lunch at Liberty Park and then the kid playd in the water.  And, I had a minor panic attack just trying to keep track of them all.  Oy!  It was a fun day.

This is what happens when you have a tv circa 1950 and try to move it into the living room.  I dropped it, swore, and bruised myself.  Lesson learned.
I went to the doctor several times to figure out what was going on with my body.  This is from when I had the pleasure of giving a stool sample.  Super fun!  I guess they thought I had three hands?!  I decided, instead, to change my diet and have been feeling much better.  Hooray!

 I made this cute chair for my sister.  I think I could start my own business.  It was fun.
Then I got a tattoo.  It hurt real bad.  Kidding.  But, I did think about it.  This would be what I would get.  Super tempting. 
Other things that I have been doing.....running race for the cure with my nieces, hanging out with a few cute boys (ages 6-14..don't get excited), using my lips for other things besides talking, and hanging out with my family  I have been busy, but life is really good.  So, there is a quick update.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A very wise 6 year old said this to me " If you save your money, you will be rich." How true, little one. Now, I need tpo put that into practice.

I am in love with this song...

And, I am in love with the lead singer.  Oh dear.

Friday, March 29, 2013

True story....

I haven't been feeling all that well for about six months.  Yep, six months.  That's a long time to not feel well, so I decided that I should finally do something about it and get checked out.  Off to the doctor I went.  She wasn't quite sure what was going on, so she ordered some labs.  The labs came clear of any kind of infection.  Good and bad news.  Her next suggestion was to go visit a heart doc because my heart rate is low and I sometimes feel dizzy, so I have one scheduled.  In the meantime,  I am going about my life and one day, I am taking towels back to my hairdresser's salon and he is asking about my symptoms, so I tell.  He has a client all foiled up and processing, so she hears all the details of my whatever is going on.  She then tells me that she is a nurse and could she ask me some more questions about my symptoms.  I have no problem with this, so she does.  After a few questions, she tells me that it sounds like I have something called H pylori, which, I think, is some kind of stomach parasite and if left unattended, could turn into ulcers.  YIKES BIKES!!  She tells me that it should just be a simple blood test to find out and then an antibiotic to clear things up.  This news makes me want to yodel until my heart gives out.  How lovely would it be if that is all it is?  I thank her a bazillion times and then call my doctor to tell her I need this checked out.  She gets a lab form signed for me, so I can get tested.  In my mind, I am thinking, "Oh, a simple little blood draw and then I can find out!"  Oh dear readers, that is not to be the case.  When I get to the lab, the girl starts pulling all these things together for me...a little plastic toilet thing, rubber gloves, a tongue depressor, a plastic jar, and a biohazard bag.  Yep, I am not giving some blood, but a STOOL sample.  Gross!  I am, however, grateful that they let me "gather" this sample in the privacy of my own bathroom and not some sterile lab bathroom.  But, still, the whole thing just makes me shudder and I haven't quite gotten up the courage to go through the process yet.  The instructions made me laugh out loud and so do the supplies .  Oh, human life is ridiculous and funny...if you think about it.  I just hope I find out what is going on, and I am so glad that I am not the person on the receiving end of these types of samples.   

Saturday, March 16, 2013

1. I love when I have dreams that hunky Jason Statham is my boyfriend.  I love it so much that I hit snooze three times just so the dream would last a bit longer.  sigh..

2. I LOVE the color teal, but I am really diggin on yellow, lately. 

3. I am trying my hand at being a vegan.  Not too bad.  I was inspired by the documentary "Forks over Knives".  Check it out.  It's a game changer. 

4. While driving past a bus stop, I saw this cute old man dancing  his little heart out while waiting.  This made my day.

5. I love when my students give me big hugs.  It makes me feel loved.  I love that when they do give me hugs, it is around my bum.

6. Asian kid wearing a suit and carrying a rubber chicken.  It's pretty much a typical day for an East High student, right?!

7. I really like the staff in my classroom.  We are talking about getting matchy shirts.  Can you say UNITY??

8. I will be 38 in three days.  WOAH!  I can really say "20 years ago..." and I would have been 18.  Crazy.

9.  My body has decided that it needs to wake up at 3:00 am every morning.  Not cool.  Not cool, at all.

10. A few days ago, my school went on lockdown.  So mysterious.  We had to pull our blinds down, lock our doors, and do recess inside.  We even had cops patrolling the area.  All ended up being fine. 

11.  I really want to do a reality series of my job.  It would be quite hilarious.

12.  I really think Tori Spelling and I should be friends.  And, maybe Rebel Wilson.

13. I LOVE this weather.

14. I want to buy a bike and just ride around and sing songs.  Does that seem odd?  I don't think so.

15. One of my most favorite students is transitioning at the end of this year.  I have already had to prepare my heart for that.  It's gonna hurt a bit.